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Use Cases By Transformation

Get started with free-to-use, best-in-class templates for the most pressing organizational challenges and customize them to your needs. Built by teams from Columbia University and top change management consultants.

Agency Growth Transformation

This Agency Growth Strategy framework is designed to enable leaders and the individuals who comprise the organization to collectively shift behaviors to support overall growth and retention in revenue, alliances, client relationships, and reputation management.

Business Transformation

Understand whether a lack of process and efficiency changes are hindering better decision-making. Align customer feedback with internal goals to uncover opportunity areas to improve the customer experience. Uncover how collaboration is helping or hindering transforming to a digital culture. Get insight into how data and analytics are being used to make evidence-based decisions.

Change as a Capability

A Change as a Capability framework to get insight into six capabilities that drive success and define the new excellence in our digital world for organizations and the individuals who comprise it.

Cultural Transformation

Find out how willing your people are to align to the mission, vision and values of your organization. Understand how their work environment (such as collaborative or competitive) is affecting their motivation and ability to boost productivity. Get insight into whether employees feel like you are listening to them and are confident in your ability to lead.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)

Learn the extent to which people feel like they belong at the organization. Discover how well your leaders and teams promote different viewpoints and provide a safe space for people to express their thoughts. Discern the importance of board and senior leadership representation for females, people of color and other minorities.

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Gain insight into how the organization’s use of resources affects its internal and external reputation. Link social impact policy, such as fair treatment of employees and supporting charitable causes, to employee job satisfaction. Unearth how executive behavior, transparency and a vested interest in the organization’s success impact its ability to govern effectively.

Future Of Work

Understand how returning to the office influences employee motivation and your team’s ability to accomplish business goals. Foresee new opportunities to improve employee engagement and satisfaction through physical and virtual spaces. Recognize how your reskilling and upskilling efforts are meeting their intended goals. Develop the best people by better addressing the behaviors, preferences and expectations of your talent.

Team Alignment & Productivity

A Good Teaming development framework to enable organizations and the individuals who comprise it to collectively shift behaviors to support more efficient, effective and committed teamwork at all levels of the organization.

Retain Top Talent

Get insight into driving factors that help you keep top talent, including an organizational perspective, its leaders, the work and the culture. Collectively, these influence the likelihood that top performers will stay and grow with the organization.

Workplace Performance Intangibles

With the rise of the intangible economy, competitive edge and success is hinged upon the ability for organizations to leverage intangible forces that drive value and performance for teams. Through the exploration of behaviors and perceptions surrounding Leadership, Culture, and Knowledge, this framework will enable teams and leaders to make the intangible forces impacting their organization tangible, measurable, and able to be acted on.

Use Cases By Role

Business Unit & Department Leaders

Whether you oversee a profit or cost center, we know how important it is to be in tune with your team and ensure they're meeting their goals. Our platform centralizes managing all change and transformation sentiment analysis, so you can see in real-time how your team is performing across multiple company objectives, including your own and the C-suite.

Chief Digital Officers (CDO)

As the one responsible for transforming your organization with digital capabilities, you understand the importance of creating value through intelligent use of platforms, tools and services. Our AI-based listening and relevance engine helps you to separate the signal from the noise by helping you determine what is needed to scale as a digital organization.

Chief Executive Officers (CEO) & Business Owners

From managing the day-to-day growth of your organization to inspiring teams to get through challenges, we know how much getting the best and timely information is critical. Our first dashboards help for your strategic planning meetings and town hall presentations by giving you a visual report of how people are feeling about achieving the company’s objectives.

Chief Human Resources Officers (CHRO) & HR Teams

As the go-to part of the organization for anything people-related, we know how the conversation has shifted to grow the business through human capital. Whether it's becoming a strategic partner to the CEO, implementing a learning culture or gaining a better understanding of your diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts, you can make data-driven decisions without surveying employees.

Chief Information Officers (CIO) & Chief Technology Officers (CTO)

Whether you're focused on internal IT infrastructure or emerging technologies, you know it's important to get the most out of technologies to drive strategic business value. Seamlessly and securely integrate with existing tools and take advantage of the vast data available to drive innovation and productivity.

Chief Operating Officers (COO)

Being responsible for day-to-day operations and having a direct line to the CEO, we know it's a juggling act connecting the two together. Our sentiment data analysis tool for leaders leverages analytical insights at scale and maps it to your company objectives, enabling you to deliver pinpoint data-driven recommendations on problem areas to focus on, ranging from finance, marketing and sales to coaching, engagement and performance management.

Chief Strategy Officers (CSO)

From formulating strategic initiatives to ensuring alignment across leadership teams, we understand the importance of anticipating future needs and moving the organization forward to meet those challenges. Our streamlined dashboard enables you to track all of your organization's strategic initiatives in one place and find commonalities, differences and problem areas down to specific outcomes, in real-time, without having to hire a dedicated team to do so.

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